Listen to “Welcome to The Black Parade”

Go to MCR’s official myspace, and listen to the new single, “Welcome to The Black Parade”. This is not the VMA version it is the actual studio release, so go on now and listen up!

While you do that I am going to try and figure what the title of the Hammersmith Palais opener is actually.

Also, please please send your best to Bob since as per the previous post he is in the hospital battling a staph infection that occurred due to the burns he sustained from the video shoot earlier this past month. Bob you are in our thoughts and prayers, please get well soon so we may be able to show our gratitude and adoration for you all when you get back on tour. Just be careful not to rush yourself into getting well, make sure that you do what is best for you, we will still all be waiting here for you with open arms and hugs and hands ready for slapping cameras. <3 <3

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