Finlanders, win a guitar! New affiliate, tour dates, MCRmy, etc

First off for those of you from Finland you can win a guitar by entering a contest and answering a question. Check it out here.

We have a new affiliate, please welcome My Chemical Italia!! 😀

Lastly there are some new tour dates that have been posted. The most recent is 89X’s “The Night 89X Stole Christmas” in Detroit, MI.

Also if you are a member of the MCRmy you may want to login to see a special message from the guys (sans Bob) for all of the hardwork we have put in for them.

Lastly, we have a few more donations of signatures/banners from Tanya <3

Finally, (I swear this time) I have picked up my limited edition of The Black Parade and am currently soaking in it’s loveliness and velvety softness…

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