Praise, Feedback and a jar of cookies

You know it is day’s like this while checking my email at work and seeing a gem like this that makes you want to keep working to make this the best fansite ever.

The web-site that changed the way i thought about Ray Toro

Well what can i say, The ‘fro-man’ is really a man of wisdom. As a fellow EMO kid m sure many people will think that Gerard Way ( lead singer) is the ‘maker’ of MCR but its Gerard, Ray AND MATT (former drummer) who made everything it is now. Ray your a top man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also Diligence has won Site of the Month at GerardsWay again! Thanks so much, Tanya!

I have added hi-res scans of Playmusic Issue 2, Outburn 37, Kerrang! 1139, 1141, 1143 to the gallery, and am working on Kerrang! 1142 and NME 01.27.07.

Oh and about the jar of cookies, I just wanted some cookies, so there they are 😀

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