A quick introduction and some news!

Hey guys, I’m Jean (Toro_Sex on our lovely forum) and I’m going to help Lee with the news updates on Ray and the band. I’m a die hard Ray fan and I’ve been following Diligence since it’s creation last year and I am so excited and honored to finally be aboard staff! Thanks Lee! <3

So to what is going on.

-MCR won in both categories there were nominated for last night on the Much Music Video Awards. They won Best International Video – Group and People’s Choice Favorite International Artist.

NME.com says that Teenagers will be coming out, in the UK at least, on the 9th of July.

-Our get well wishes go out to whoever was hurt in the Heineken Jammin Festival whirlwind over the weekend. Nobody in MCR was hurt, but a great deal of fans had to be taken to the hospital. You are in our thoughts.

-Frank is rumored to be sick again, we all here at Diligence send get well wishes to him in hope of a speedy recovery.

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