Kerrang Awards, Israel, and Radio Rock

-MCR are in the 2007 Kerrang Awards. They have been nominated for Best Live Band, Best Album, Best Single, and Best International Band. Click here to vote.

-According to, MCR may be coming to Israel in the summer.

The rumors were true – the Emo band – My Chemical Romance are about to come to Israel in the summer, for one show.

The petition, the pleading fans and one big tiring negotiation were worthwhile – MCR will come to Israel for only one show.

Some production factors confirmed and told ‘walla’ that “the contract is sealed and the band is on its way to Israel”. But in the tickets department which is in charge of the band arrival – prefer to fence. The owner of the department said carefully: “we’re in a negotiation , but nothing is signed yet.

-Also help the Fins out on getting Teenagers on Radio Rock by clicking here and pressing ‘Rautaa’.

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