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I’ve added two new affiliate and a new supported project, Drain the Blood. Check them out!

From Buzznet

Please check out the MCR page at Buzznet for a new exciting feature!!!

From AOL Music

The neo-goth rockers take over Mexico City as they theatrically end their reigning era as ‘The Black Parade.’ Captured all on DVD, the newly-released two-disc package also includes footage from their raucous Hoboken, New Jersey show, as well as live audio tracks. Check out MCR performing some of their biggest hits from ‘The Black Parade Is Dead,’ including the anthemic ‘Welcome to the Black Parade.’
My Chemical Romance Live Concert Footage from ‘The Black Parade is Dead’ CD/DVD on PopEater
TRACKS: ‘Famous Last Words’ | ‘Mama’ | ‘Dead’ | ‘Cancer’ | ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’

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