MCR’s Watchmen movie screening

Who watches the Watchmen…

posted by Ray on Feb 13, 2009 11:07am

We did! Went to a screening a few days ago at WB. The movie turned out great. Anyone who’s read the book knows how complex the plot is, so that in and of itself is a challenge, but really what makes the book great are the characters. Each of the Watchmen has multiple layers themselves.
Throughout the book you learn more and more about their motivations and how they ended up where they are. Its like the slow peeling of an onion, and getting this across in a film is a tough feat.

Zack and crew managed to do just that. The way they handled Rorschach and Manhattan felt the best to me, as these two characters I feel are the most interesting in the book. Rorschach is amazing because he is very one track. His sense of justice is absolute, and never falters from that. With Manhattan, you’re asked an important question. What if you had the power to save the world, but didn’t want to? You will feel sorry for this man with infinite powers, yet no desire to use them.

They also amped up the action sequences, which was a smart move. In the book, you get a sense that even though the Watchmen aren’t true “super-heroes” in the expected sense, they know how to fight. These fight scenes and the violence overall are brutal and bloody. I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie in a real theater when it comes out to hear the reactions from the audience on some of these shots.

I think you guys will really love the movie.

In other news, we’ve been writing for the past week. Things have been moving fast, and are feeling really good. I think we’ll soon be hitting our stride, and can’t wait to see what comes out of that.

Oh and check out Flower on PS3. If you ever feel the need to get away from the world, load up this game. Take to the winds and enjoy.

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