CemeteryDrive.net is down

This is just a post to inform you that yes I know that cemeterydrive.net is down. I am in contact with the host right now to see what the problem is, so please check back here for updates. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it was not intentional… I have no power over what happened, whatever is causing this is completely out of my control.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE – March 30, 2009
Hey all!
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding the downtime the other day. I just got an email reply back from our host provider and they were moving servers, so that is why CD.net was down. However there is the chance that we might have to move servers again here soon, so there might be a little more downtime.

In the future please check here or follow Ray-Toro.com twitter updates (raytorodotcom) for more information on the status or downtime of the forum.

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