And the winner of Rock of Love Bus is…

Taya wins by an enlarged breast implant!

posted by Ray on Apr 13, 2009 8:48am

In a sleep inducing finish, Taya ended up with our man Bret’s heart. Mindy left discouraged and disheartened. With her Sarah Palin good looks and twang, I thought for sure she would lose. I was right. In a shocking twist, a girl’s decision to NOT have sex with Bret after five minutes of staring at each other lifelessly at dinner DID NOT get her booted off. Well played Taya, well played.

Congratulations Bret! You have get to have “hot, sexy, monkey love” for the rest of your life…or until next season starts up.

Admin note: I would normally post the photo that went along with this post, but you know I just don’t want to because I don’t need a photo of some female’s boobs barely held in by her Daisy Duke-esque shirt.

One Response to “And the winner of Rock of Love Bus is…”

  1. Rosi Says:

    I really didn’t like that photo either. I think those women that do that are um….(lets just leave it at that!)