Venganza news from the MCRmy General

Venganza Contest!

from the MCRmy

“Venganza” contest is now live! Post blogs, bulletins, tweets, journals & updates of all things “Venganza”

After you do your part send us in a screenshot of what you did!

  • Open to all MCRmy members
  • (5) winners will be selected

Upload your screenshots, the more you send us the better the chance to claiming your prize.

Prizes will range from- Black Parade stencil, MCR merch, Signed MCR poster, A.P. MCR Posters and much more.

Get More Info Here!

Purchase “Venganza” Vest and USB Here!

-The General-

One Response to “Venganza news from the MCRmy General”

  1. Rosi Says:

    I know Ray is married (boo-hoo) but if the live CD sales maybe he will. And then I’ll be able to meet him!!!!! YES YES YES!