Happy Birthday Ray!

Urgh, this is what happens when I think it is two days later than it actually is… *facepalm*

Happy Birthday, Ray!!

I’m just glad I got this out before Ray’s birthday for once! 😀

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ray!”

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  2. Carmarí Says:

    hi! HAPPY BIRTHEDAY RAY!! *_* I LOVE So MucH <3 I hope in this day have a lot happiness and all your fans of World LOve You so Ray NEVEr ForgueT you`r So *SpeciaL** And My Hero and we are for u ever! ^^ you are our inspiration and thank Ray Thanks to My Chemical Roamnce the for are basis of our personality HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ********

    again to venezuela

  3. Mariana Says:

    Hello.! How are you. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^ .. From
    Venezuela caracas here your fans wish you a lot
    prosperity, happiness and wealth throughout your life
    we admire you and someone you’re too
    inspiring ^^ .. And then .. congratulations on your achievements!
    That passes the better.

    By:Mary (Jacky_dead_mcr@hotmail.com)

    Xoxo. 🙂