New single “The Kids From Yesterday” video

“The Kids From Yesterday” Music Video

Monday January 16, 2012 Posted by: Frank

Hello friends… Here is the official video for our new single “The Kids From Yesterday” . This will be the last single released from our album Danger Days, and we decided what better song to end on than our collective favorite. This song means a lot of different things to us individually and we hope it speaks to you as well. When deciding what kind of video would work the best with the song we immediately thought of a “video collage” …something that would show the progression of the band over the past 10 years leading up to one of our most memorable moments, closing the Reading and Leeds festivals this past summer. We began collecting footage and literally stumbled upon an incredible video done by a talented young lady named Emily Eisemann. She had made a fan video, put it up on YouTube and it summed up what we had been trying so very hard to make, perfectly. So we gave her a call, put our videos together, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We’ll let Emily give you a bit more insight as to how things came about:

I heard my first My Chemical Romance song seven years ago. They were everything I wasn’t; defiant and unashamed, confident in their individuality and refusing to apologize for their flamboyancy. It’s easy to shoulder the fears and expectations of life like a burden and sink beneath them. Much harder is finding the inspiration to be something (motherfuckers); to lock eyes on the horizon and tell the world, You just watch me run, and never, ever look back.

My Chemical Romance did that for me album after album. I found a foothold in their music and see a reflection of my life in their art, which welcomes us with open arms and never treats us as ‘lesser’ for being female, or gay, or just massive amounts of nerdy. I can hardly articulate the importance of this. It was only recently that I began to try, but I found that with words alone I lack the eloquence to encapsulate what the band means to me.

I thought a video, though, might work.
And really, I couldn’t have done it to any other song. The Kids From Yesterday is my favorite track off of Danger Days. The song is nostalgic; a coming of age anthem about the fear of growing so used to life’s drudging complacency that you forget what it is like to hear the music when your heart begins to break. It’s moving on from idealistic youth, but never forgetting who you were, who you are, and what you owe that to. It’s a journey, both a finale and a prelude. It’s about leaving things behind and flying by the seat of your pants. You never know when the end will come, so hold on tight – or, perhaps, Take my fucking hand – and set off to make something of yourself, because you only live once, you only live now, and the world is what you make of it. In a reflection of words written over ten years ago now, oh, how wrong you would be to think that immortality meant never dying.

I wish I could wax poetic about the intricacies of videomaking, but the fact is that I’m just a girl with a laptop and a knack for procrastination. I drew flow charts, downloaded nearly enough videos to crash my laptop, and spent some nights grumbling discontentedly about fonts. It took a brief entry into a hermit-like existence, a happy neglect of homework, rather too many potato chips and a single all-nighter to finish.

I could never have expected that one day, I would be contacted by the overwhelmingly lovely people of My Chem’s management and asked, in exchange for compensation, to contribute what I had made to the official video for Kids. Not after an era of spectacular Killjoy videos with whose Trans-Ams, inclusion of legendary comic book writers, and badassery, my own creation could never compete.

I am thrilled if other fans watch my work, and humbled to know that the band themselves has done the same. The idea that it was wanted for an official release, however, left me flailing. The idea that I could literally thank My Chemical Romance for saving me from having to drop out of college, watch my entire future slip through my fingers, fall short of every single one of my dreams, and possibly live in a cardboard box, left me not knowing what to say or feel. I think I just sat there, quietly shitting myself.

So, yeah. That’s how that happened.

I hope you guys can forgive the length and rambling nature of this. In summary: Overwhelming joy! Artistic fulfillment! This band is fucking awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I love you all. -Emily

Emily’s original video

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