Ray Toro Afro

Worshipped as ‘the fro’ and ‘el supremo fro’ across the internet, many have dared and few have succeeded in being able to directly bask in the glory that is ‘the fro’ and share in the ‘fro-love’ as the world sways together in ‘fro-motion’. ‘The fro’ spreads the message of love, peace and rock and roll while still looking good. Only once has the sacred temple of ‘the fro’ been vandalized by it’s sworn enemy, the hair straightener. See the bottom of this page for the visual evidence of this attack.

In mid 2006, during the promotion of My Chemical Romance’s new alter-ego/album, The Black Parade, most of the guys in the group took on some form of metamorphosis in regards to their hair. Ray’s change was to dye his hair much darker, to a chestnut brown and in some shots almost black. The fro still exists, but it has been tamed a bit during photoshoots, although during performances the ‘el sumpremo fro’ has returned to the stage to allow us to bask in it’s gloriousness.

Please see the evidence below for more in-depth analysis, but be warned that this image is not for the faint of heart.