Ray Toro Biography

ray toro
Full Name: Raymond (Manuel) Toro-Ortiz
Date of Birth: July 15, 1977
Hometown: Kearny, New Jersey
Band Position: Lead Guitar; Vocals (Backing)
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Fan-made Nicknames: Fro-man, Toro-saurus

Ray Toro born Raymond Toro-Ortiz, grew up in Kearny, New Jersey (approximately 3.8 miles (6.11 km) outside of Newark). He grew up in a Puerto Rican household and his mother was very protective of her children, understandably so considering the area they lived in; police finding dead bodies floating in the lake at the local park (West Hudson) around the corner, doesn’t allow for sweet dreams. Ray’s older brother introduced him to the beauty that is Iron Maiden, and the guitarist inside was set free on the world.

Ray never really knew that those two guys he had met one day in a restaurant, Mikey Way and his older brother Gerard would later become two of his future band mates. Ray studied film at the William Paterson University before meeting Gerard (again) and former band mate/drummer Matt Pelissier, and joining/forming My Chemical Romance. Ray is the lead guitarist of the band, writes most of the songs, and is known to his band mates as one of the hardest working people they know (along with Bob).

Ray is most conveniently recognizable by his styling afro, which many fans around the world worship and bow down to at many ‘fro’ shrines across the internet. His many injuries include: guitar burn (described as “similar to rug burn, generally affects the forearm area, some specialists attribute it to sweat, friction, and intense rocking”); a large gash to the head (when he was hit on the head by fellow band mate, Frank Iero’s guitar resulting in a concussion, and after he was hit he continued playing); seventeen stitches on the lip (was hit in the face with a microphone during a set where Gerard swung his microphone); snare drum to the head (the drummer, Bob Bryar was elevated 11 feet above the rest of the band, and during the set Bob’s snare drum fell down onto Ray’s head; this set up has not been used since); and nasty hangnail to round out the list.