Ray Toro Quotes

“Black. It seems more him, you know? It reminds me of when we first started the band.”

MCRmy asking Do you prefer Gerard’s hair red or black?

“The mastermind, the man with the plan”

Mikey Way & Bob Bryar on Ray Toro

“He likes to run for some reason and he’s always got weights in the back of the bus”

Mikey Way

“Hey four eyes! Keep it quiet!… Gerard, why don’t you tell your story…”

“I hate my voice, I sound like a girl. I am infact a male.”

“I feel bad, though. I wanna play some other bands–like, why do we have to listen to us?”

“I tried spinning around in a chair to impress a girl.”

“Frank was actually too short to carry the casket, so it was all of us. Thanks Frank. He’s napping right now.”

on the making of the Helena video

“We are birth control”

Ray Toro and Gerard Way

“It’s kind of dumb; everybody should be able to listen to the kind of music they want and just because you’re a fan of a band for a longer period of time doesn’t mean you have a greater stake of claim to the band or the music.”

“Everybody goes through rough things in their lives, us included. The best advice we can give is to never give up, and always believe in yourself because when you do that, anything is possible.”

“Every time we go out shopping we always seem to buy comic books or games.”

“Ray Toro is a very eccentric, crazy genius type guy. I think he’s a genius. He just got this thing at the VMA. The way he played, it makes you go ‘Jesus!’ He’s really sweet, really kind of lovable. He’s like a cartoon character.”

Gerard Way (Zero – December 2005)

“I just stuck my hand in a cupcake!”

“We are terrified to tour Japan because we are positive we’ll lose Ray and he’ll never come home. The boy has a passion for Asian women that is only rivaled by his love for He-man action figures.”

Gerard Way about Ray ( pinkegogirl )

“I’m a huge gamer. I guess my favourites are role playing games and First Person Shooters, any PC shooter like Doom or Quake. I’ve played them al and they’re all the same really! If it’s playing PSP for an hour here or Nintendo DS on a plane, I’m pretty much always gaming in between. Though this past year has been so busy that I haven’t been getting time for my true love, which is videogames! This is really just a springboard into that career for me!”

Total Guitar November 2006

“I wasn’t popular at school. Thank God I didn’t have a girlfriend or I would suck [at guitar] now!”

Total Guitar November 2006

“I think someone bet you that you couldn’t write a polka! You started playing that ‘oom-pah’ riff and Gerard started singing over it. People thought we were nuts. We were playing it in soundcheck and everyone else there was like ‘Is that what the new record’s gonna be like?'”

Frank Iero (to Ray) – Total Guitar November 2006

“Pink Floyd’s The Wall was a huge influence on the record. The guitar sound pays homage to it.”

Total Guitar November 2006

“I can never be on time for anything. I’m always 10 or 15 minutes late.”

( young_sinner )

“As a little kid, I was very shy.”

“Frank’s guitar style is different from mine. He’s from a punk rock background, I’m more influenced by classic heavy metal. So just bringing all those influences together makes our sound really unique, but it’s quite obvious that I’m a massive fan of Iron Maiden.”

“We don’t really try and make our influences that obvious. I think our influences are a lot more subtle.”

“Turkey and gruyere!”

Ray’s favourite sandwich

“I’ve been left at truck stops, and I’d have to call them on my cell phone, you know, it’s like, ‘hey what’s up?’ and they’re like, ‘hey how’s it going, man?’ I’m like, ‘you notice something’s missing from the van?'”

“Maybe if I stick this down my throat, I’ll puke…”

“I tried sticking a piece of candy up my nose…it ended up getting stuck and the nurse had to get it out.”

“I think that the music we create together is one of a kind.”

“I love my Red Bull. Where would I be without my Red Bull?”

“I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get to hang out more with people because I was too busy being a complete and utter hermit in the back.”

“Bob’s always talking about something he fucked up that no one heard or about his drumstick trick. We have to tell him we saw it even if we didn’t just to keep him happy. Drummers are the most sensitive people…”

“Hey! Don’t laugh at me for that cupcake thing. I enjoy cupcakes, therefore EVERYONE should enjoy cupcakes.”

( ashley )

“I was Pac-Man. It was the worst costume ever. You would expect a big round suit, but it was just a mask and a smock with a maze on it.”

AOL Music

“Frank is going to go blow his nose”

andPOP Interview November 04.2006

“There were actually times where I thought, ‘Do people even remember us? Are people gonna be interested in hearing what we put out next?’…And, you know, there were times I felt like, ‘Are there going to be people out there waiting for this record?’. So we kind of live in a bubble, in a sense. We’re very closed off to that whole world of thinking about those kinds of things.”

Rock Radio

“The music we create is one of a kind.”

Life On The Murder Scene

“When you doubt yourself you create something better.”

Life On The Murder Scene

“We had the benefit of time. We felt we couldn’t rush great things, these things needed time. With that time it really allows you to dig deep into yourself and really put out the best that you can be”

Big Cheese November 2006


“quit making us have sex with each other.”

dose.ca interview ( Nicole )