Tour Dates & SNL!

October 3rd, 2006
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There are new tour dates for the USA! Please see the tour date bar to the right or click here to see full listings. Darn you lucky Americans! *sits at home and waves her Canadian flag proudly* <3

Also, the guys will be appearing on Saturday Night Live on October 21 with host, Dennis Haysbert. So run off now and set your VCR, Tivo, DVR, video camera in front of the tv, whatever you might record television with!

On a side note, Tran is aware of the problem with the Cemetery Drive Forums, please be patient as she is waiting to hear back from the hosting provider for Until then make sure to comment on all the entries on the Cemetery Drive Network sites: Diligence, Cemetery Drive – Mikey Way, and Frank Iero Fan

New Affiliates, Forums, Ranking

June 2nd, 2006
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Wow I go away from the internet for two days and I have all these updates to post. Firstly, Diligence has three new affiliates to announce. Please welcome My Used Romance, My Chemical Romance – Brasil, and Skin Off Our Bones. Welcome new affiliates 😀

Secondly, the awesome Tran from Cemetery Drive has invited myself and Diligence to become part of Cemetery Drive and share the Forums (my favourite MCR forums). <3 <3 And lastly, please rank Diligence at Revenged with the drop down menu to the left in the sidebar.