Ray’s iPhone goes to heaven…

May 18th, 2009
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Fare thee well old friend…

posted by Ray on May 18, 2009 3:52pm

After many fun months of jailbreak, and a few good weeks “living the rock-star life” with Beta 3.0 software, my iPhone has finally succumb to a rather ugly fall, splitting its side in twain and rendering it useless.

Ahhh, what an up and down relationship I’ve had with you, friend. For every instance you wowed me with your versatility, you dashed my hopes with an all too short battery life. For each time I was able to find exactly the answer I was looking for to an all too pertinent question on Safari, you took what felt like eons loading the simplest of pages. I remember the first time I tethered you to my computer, and browsed the internet on my laptop while driving riding in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. I also will never forget when it took you so long to open the notepad app, that I resorted to scrawling a much needed phone number in the California dirt that had accumulated on top of my car. Indeed, it was the best of times, and the worst of times…

It is with a heavy dose of irony that I bid adieu to my iPhone. While I will miss you, there is now an empty spot in my pocket, waiting to be filled with a new piece of technology I can have good times with, and perhaps share a Sailor Jerry’s with. Farewell old friend.

In lieu of flowers, I ask that Palm Pre’s and new iPhone hardware be sent to me directly…

Ray & Bob want the Palm Pre

May 7th, 2009
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If 10 year olds have them…

posted by Ray on May 06, 2009 10:45am

Shouldn’t, me and Bob, your gadget loving My Chem guys have them?!?! If only you could see their smug faces in the pictures, those little bastards…

Our unending search for the latest cool tech has ended with the Palm Pre. This thing looks sick. After countless Sidekicks, Dashes, HTC Touch models, 9234’s, 7890’s 8966’s, G1’s and Curves, we finally found what we’re looking for. It looks to be a perfect meld of Blackberry functionality with iPhone flash. Where the Storm tried and failed, (can anybody successfully type on this thing?) the Palm Pre looks poised to succeed.

My unending love/hate relationship with the iPhone has been well documented, and damn’t I’m ready to commit wholesale to a phone. I’ve jailbroken the thing to get some more functionality out of it (PDANet is the shit!!!!) I’ve also suffered the harsh realities of running background apps on this thing. No battery life, and iPhone slowed to a crawl.

I’ve treaded dangerous, shark-filled waters paying the tech-world equivalent of a back-alley abortion clinic 15 bones to access a broken iPhone 3.0 beta software that almost turned my phone into a $599 paperweight, all in the hopes of getting this phone to do what I need it to.

Copy/paste is great to have, but a little unwieldy to use. And wait till you move your phone a millimeter and the “Nothing To Undo” dialog box pops up. The landscape everything i think might be the worst feature, because after almost 2 years using the thing, does anyone even want this anymore? Now the screen goes into extreme fits of non-stop spinning, like a drugged up raver, completely going against what you’ve taught yourself. Individual program toggle please????

There is also the issue of speed. The iPhone has gotten progressively slower with each new update. What once were cool transitions between programs is now revealed to be what they truly were from the start…LOADING SCREENS. Its not a stretch to say that sometimes its hard to get things done on this phone. The new iPhone hardware needs to speed up dramatically, and I hope somehow the transitions can be disabled.

I know I’m being a little harsh here, especially with a beta software, but from what I’ve seen so far it doesn’t compete with the OS Palm has been working on. Maybe with kick-ass fast hardware, Apple will step up. I guess we’ll have to wait till June when they announce what they’ve been conjuring up.

Until then, Palm Pre, come home to Daddy.

Ray’s iPhone secrets

March 2nd, 2009
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Jailbreak your shit

posted by Ray on Feb 25, 2009 12:39pm

Bob, I feel your iPhone pain. Ever since my iPhone threw itself into the toilet, it hasn’t been the same. Missed calls, no service, crap battery life, the list of muck-ups goes on.

I’ve been wanting to go to the Apple store to try and exchange my suicidal phone, but knew i’d be greeted by the same smugness and uppity attitude you dealt with. Every time I step foot in that store, I feel like they’re doing me a favor selling me their plain aluminum products and their white earbuds. I think I bought a pair of earbuds, and inside the package was an extra pair of them crap buds.

Angry at the lack of basic functions on the iPhone, and wanted to stick it back to the man, so I did the only thing a sane man would do…I jailbroke the thing.

For those who don’t know what this is, basically you’re “freeing” your phone from Jobs’ shackles. Now I can copy and paste, personalize the theme on my phone, record movies, answer texts without constantly having to switch programs, search my emails, run programs in the background, send pictures in texts, quickly change settings without going through a million menus, play NES games, save Youtube videos, the list goes on. The crowning jewel is when I used my cell connection on the phone to download an e-book before a flight.

This shit is fun, and now I feel the iPhone lives up to it’s pricetag. Do a search for quickpwn to get started, install winterboard, backgrounder, pdanet, sbssettings, and whatever else catches your eye. Most of all, enjoy your new found freedom.