MCR to play Summer Sonic Festival

May 4th, 2009
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See MCR in Japan in August

posted by Jeff Watson on Apr 27, 2009 4:04pm

It’s officially official. MCR will be playing on August 7th at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, and August 8th at the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka, Japan. Click here for more info.

A Note From Gerard – new song today!

January 28th, 2009
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Yay new song!

posted by Gerard on Jan 26, 2009 9:54am

Actually it’s not a new song, it’s a cover song, but it’s the first music we’ve recorded since Black Parade. As we are gearing up to start the next album I wanted to pop in and talk about the track we were asked to cover for the Watchmen film by Zack Snyder, which you can get here.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that we have never recorded a song for a film. We have allowed a couple of our songs to be used in trailers or end-credits, but since we are usually pretty busy with either recording or touring there has never been time to do something like this before, and even this was kind of tight, as we started it before even finishing our last tour. There have been other offers to do this kind of thing, and usually the timing always made it impossible, but more often than not the project never seemed to fit the band, and we have always passed. But when the chance came to do a cover of one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan, for a film version of my favorite work of fiction of all time we had to jump at the chance.

Sometimes an interviewer will ask a musician “What’s the one record or musical experience, like a concert, that made you want to make music?”. Usually people will mention some sort of 7 inch record or a show they saw in a basement that really changed their lives, got them into punk rock, and shaped the way they looked at the world. For me it was Watchmen. At 15 years old, just as I was discovering The Misfits “Walk Among Us” I was reading the first chapter of the graphic novel. It is the one thing I can pinpoint that shaped my views and aesthetics, even down to the way I dressed at the time, not that I walked the hallways in a stained brown trench coat, but I definitely chose more antisocial articles of clothing, like an army jacket, picked up after watching Taxi Driver for the twentieth time, a film I was lead to by the comic. So I would definitely say it’s pretty important to me and the band.

The talks started about the same time as Projekt Revolution, and I remember getting on the phone with Zack, who was as excited as I was, somewhere in the middle of the desert as out bus rolled to the next venue. We talked about the comic and he asked what I felt the approach
to the song should be, which was to take a cue from Jim Carroll, who is not only the author of The Basketball Diaries but also a musician, and a pretty great one at that. On his album, Catholic Boy, he has a song called “People Who Died”, which I love, as does Frank, as he always includes it in our “Front Of House Mixes” you would hear during set-change during one of our concerts. Zack responded to this approach right away, as he actually used that song to end his remake of “Dawn Of The Dead”, which I had totally forgotten about, even though the whole band saw it on opening night and loved it. So the tone was decided upon and then came the length, which initially Zack wanted to be the full version of Dylan’s.

Now, I would consider myself a pretty big Dylan fan, especially after having worked with Scott Allie on my comic, as he really got me into him even more than I was before. And while I didn’t want to alter the song at all, I found that I had to, due to the new approach and the aggressive nature of the cover. There was simply no way I felt you could make it feel like a trashy punk song and play it for ten minutes…I think it’s impossible to keep that kind of energy up without either burning out or boring yourself, as anyone will note that most Ramones songs don’t exceed three minutes, and there’s a reason for that. Down-strummed til your wrist breaks! Fast and fucking hard!

So back at a hotel in Arizona I sat in a hotel and did a rough arrangement, which clocked in at around 2:40, and I paid careful attention to the lyrics, while losing some of my favorite verses I managed to keep the ones I felt were represented by Alan Moore in the comic. We then started playing the song at sound check, and had so much fun doing it that we decided to play it live, to get warmed up for the recording.

We did some initial tracking in Nashville and then just lived with it for a while. When crunch time came, and after seeing some of the film, I became increasingly unhappy with my vocal performance, and we felt we could get more out of the guitars. So we asked our friend Rich
Costey to help us finish the track and get some new sounds, which he did, in NYC at Electric Ladyland, with the addition of some sweet old Marshall Plexi’s, to get a kind of Sex Pistols tone, and we had a blast.

And thats pretty much the story of the song. We’re really proud of it, and really excited you finally get to hear it.


PS- Special thanks to Bob Dylan for letting us cover the song and for not getting really mad at us for hacking out some of the best lyrics ever written.

Twitter, new look @

November 26th, 2008
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Just a quick update to say that has been updated. It looks very clean and bright 😀

Also, all the guys now have Twitter, so check them out too. And if you want to keep up with Ray, just check out the sidebar to see Ray’s last tweets.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Mega Hyper Expanded HD editon, part Deux

posted by Ray on Nov 25, 2008 10:08am

Yes folks. The moment I know you and every guy or gal who ever stepped foot in an early 90’s arcade, propped a quarter on the machine, and waited his turn to be the “new challenger” draws near.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD comes out on PS3 tomorrow! This remake has seemingly been years in the making, and its finally upon us, happy day for all.
Round 1….Fight!!!!


posted by Ray on Nov 25, 2008 3:51pm

I was wrong….Street Fighter is available on PS3 RIGHT NOW!!!!

Ray’s favorite iPhone apps

posted by Ray on Nov 26, 2008 6:54pm

Whether you’re a Blackberry man or iPhone (wo)man, you gotta admit the App store is pretty rad. I’ve been using the iPhone for a good while now, and have come to rely on a few apps that make my daily life easier, keep me busy while driving (yeah I know its illegal, sue me), and suck up any remaining free time I might have left in a day.
Here’s a short list of stuff you should check out if you’re so inclined…
1. Pocketmoney ($9.99)
Not only does the app’s icon make me think of delicious pork bacon, it also helps to keep your money straight. You can set up checking and savings account, and keep a running ledger of your spending so you don’t have any more of those all-too familiar, embarrassing moments where you’re trying to buy a bag of cheetos and a Quik but don’t have any loot left on your card. Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking right now. “I have a perfectly good paper register the bank gave me when I signed up for my checking account, and that shit cost me $0.00.” To that I say, “But your register doesn’t have a sick ass pig icon!”
2. NetNewsWire (The world is going to end soon FREE as fuck!)
This program is great! You know when you’re having an important conversation with your wife about what you’re making for dinner that week, and she’s trying to write out a shopping list, and all you can think about is the latest post on Gizmodo detailing what GHZ the new intel iCore7 processor tops out at after overclocking with Nitroglycerin? Yeah, that happens to me too…Well now instead of just thinking about it, you can take out your iPhone in mid-conversation, pissing off your wife in the process, and read all the latest RSS feeds that you can stand. It even works for our site too! Huzzah!
3. Super Monkey Ball (I paid $9.99 for this??? I’m a sucker)
Ok, I bought this because it was the #1 app for weeks straight. It had to be good right??? RIGHT? Well its not. I mean it has good graphics, but the controls suck. They really, really suck. Driving your dad’s Nova after ingesting 10 beers at the college kegger, trying to balance a tall glass of Sunny D on your head while headbanging to Stone Cold Crazy is exponentially easier than controlling this mess. After maybe 5 tries playing the game proper, I decided it’d be much more fun to send Baby and Gongon repeatedly and utterly to their death. I hate this game. But it sure is a great time waster…
And there you have it. Three essential iPhone apps! Have fun, be safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

News from Gerard

August 25th, 2008
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From the mailing list/myspace

Hey guys,

Gerard here… I’m hanging out with Mikey in New Jersey, relaxing, drinking coffee, talking comics, and getting ready to take a drive down south tomorrow. I don’t know what states I’m passing through but I know where I’m heading. Don’t worry, I’ve got a the Clockwork Orange audiobook, a Dr. Pepper air-freshener, and a GPS so I don’t get lost. We figured by now everyone that’s a fan of the band might be wondering what we’re up to, what we’re planning, so I thought I’d write this letter and fill you all in.

We’re living, decompressing- The Black Parade took over two years to tour and six months to make so that’s a lot of existing in a fictional world, and we’re just extremely happy to live in a real one for a while. One thing I can let you know is that we’re excited. Genuinely more excited than we have ever been to be in this band, make some new music. And we have ALL been writing new material in our own separate worlds… I started a week after I got home, buying a good rig, an old Jag, and a bunch of pedals- just searching for the next sound.

Bob is recovering well from his recent wrist surgery- exceedingly well considering how risky the procedure can be. We’re all really happy that when he picks up the sticks again he won’t be in the intense pain he was in during the last year of touring. It’s going to take him a while to rehabilitate but knowing him, he will most likely be playing the drums before the doctor says it’s a good idea. He just loves playing, we all do. Franks on the road with Leathermouth and Reggie and The Full Effect so you should go see them and get spit on. I know Leathermouth doesn’t have a record out yet, but Frank gave it to me in Mexico and I can easily say it’s my favorite post-hardcore record of the year, so I know you will at least enjoy the songs if you don’t know the words.

One of the best parts of the last five months was getting to see Ray get married and all of us be a part of the wedding. It was beautiful. I’m not sure where the happy couple is right now but I am sure wherever they are, they are really enjoying it. I have never seen him happier in my life.

So we made plans to get together soon and make some demos, see where our heads are at, take it slow. If explosions happen in our heads right away who knows how soon we could have a record out, we aren’t in any rush but we get just as anxious as you to find out what the next “thing” is going to be.

So that about wraps it up… I’m glad I could stop by for a chat, I think I will do it more often. I’m writing more comics, writing more music, and missing my wife right now. Oh, and I heard a rumor that I died in a car accident.

I didn’t.


Vote for Teenagers

June 21st, 2007
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From the official MCR Mailing List:


It’s that time again. You guys have always been so good at supporting My Chemical Romance in the past, and we’re asking for your service once more. The new video for “Teenagers” is up for voting, and if you are so inclined, you can click here.