Cancelled Show

May 6th, 2007
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MCR Cancels Tonight’s Show In Portland, Maine

Due to continuing issues with their recent food poisoning, My Chemical Romance have to cancel tonight’s show in Portland, Maine. The band is really bummed and will do everything they can to make the show up.

News from Ray

May 4th, 2007
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Last week we visited the brave men and women at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We got to spend some time and talked with a few of the patients there. These people have been through so much, losing loved ones, use of their legs and arms, being away for months at a time from their families. Yet they continue to have a great, positive outlook on life.

To me all these men and women who serve are real heroes, reminders of how lucky we are to enjoy the lives we have.

I remember when I was in 6th grade, writing to a soldier who was stationed in the Gulf as part of a school project. I was so excited when I got a letter back, reading how he appreciated the letter, and how good it felt to know people cared back at home.

I know you guys are great at writing letters and showing us your appreciation every day, so we’re asking you all for a favor. Take the time and visit a local Vets Hospital, write a letter, send a card or balloons or flowers or whatever it may be. Show these men and women in service who risk their lives every day your appreciation, and that you care.

Finlanders, win a guitar! New affiliate, tour dates, MCRmy, etc

October 25th, 2006
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First off for those of you from Finland you can win a guitar by entering a contest and answering a question. Check it out here.

We have a new affiliate, please welcome My Chemical Italia!! 😀

Lastly there are some new tour dates that have been posted. The most recent is 89X’s “The Night 89X Stole Christmas” in Detroit, MI.

Also if you are a member of the MCRmy you may want to login to see a special message from the guys (sans Bob) for all of the hardwork we have put in for them.

Lastly, we have a few more donations of signatures/banners from Tanya <3

Finally, (I swear this time) I have picked up my limited edition of The Black Parade and am currently soaking in it’s loveliness and velvety softness…

Canadian In store signing

October 18th, 2006
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Toronto In-store Autograph Signing

From the official myspace

333 Yonge Street
Wednesday, Nov. 1 9:00 p.m.

MCR to be on The Album Chart Show

September 30th, 2006
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Yes you read right, My Chemical Romance will be appearing live on the Album Chart Show on the evening of October 9th. The Album Chart Show is Channel 4’s new and exciting music show and MCR have the honours of being one of the first groups to appear on the show.

If you are signed up the the MCR UK Mailing List you might have received this email and you can enter yourself into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the performance. (Travel and accommodations not included.) For the rest of us non-UKers we must sit back and wait for the guys to come to North America (and then the non-USAers like myself will have to wait until they come up to Canada and hopefully close to my own home so we can see them live.)

*USAers and UKers are not real words, they are just used instead of writing non-UK residents 😀