Conventional Weapons update

November 11th, 2012
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Conventional Weapons Box Sets Sold Out

Tuesday November 6, 2012 | Posted by: MCR;

The Conventional Weapons Box Set is now sold out. However, you can still get each vinyl separately.
See below for track listing and release date information:

Title: Number One
A-side: Boy Division
B-side: Tomorrow’s Money
Release date: Out now in the Official Online Store or digitally via Amazon or iTunes.

Title: Number Two
B-side: Gun.
Release date: Black Friday, November 23, 2012. Available for Pre-order here.

Title: Number Three
A-side: The World Is Ugly
B-side: The Light Behind Your Eyes
Release date: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Title: Number Four
A-side: Kiss The Ring
B-side: Make Room!!!!
Release date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Title: Number Five
A-side: Surrender The Night
B-side: Burn Bright
Release date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New single “The Kids From Yesterday” video

January 22nd, 2012
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“The Kids From Yesterday” Music Video

Monday January 16, 2012 Posted by: Frank

Hello friends… Here is the official video for our new single “The Kids From Yesterday” . This will be the last single released from our album Danger Days, and we decided what better song to end on than our collective favorite. This song means a lot of different things to us individually and we hope it speaks to you as well. When deciding what kind of video would work the best with the song we immediately thought of a “video collage” …something that would show the progression of the band over the past 10 years leading up to one of our most memorable moments, closing the Reading and Leeds festivals this past summer. We began collecting footage and literally stumbled upon an incredible video done by a talented young lady named Emily Eisemann. She had made a fan video, put it up on YouTube and it summed up what we had been trying so very hard to make, perfectly. So we gave her a call, put our videos together, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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‘The Only Hope For Me Is You’ Featured On The Transformers 3 Soundtrack!

June 15th, 2011
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The Transformers: Dark Of The Moon soundtrack is available to download from iTunes now! The album features My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Only Hope For Me Is You’ on track 3, along with other artists such as Paramore, Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday.


March 27th, 2011
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Ray seems to be in charge of the band’s efforts on this, and it sounds great! Be sure to look for the special edition of SING that’ll come out to support Japan. If you want to contribute to the video they’re putting together, due date is March 30th, Wednesday, by 5 pm PST. On his twitter, he mentions that any audio from video submissions will not be audible in all likelihood, as it’ll be overlaid with the SING audio. Check it out!

Planetary (GO!)

March 21st, 2011
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Hey y’all! The band had just released their music video for the song Planetary (GO!). The fourth single off of the album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Don't let the velocity make you sweat.